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This site will quickly cover what you need to know about how we can help bathroom remodelers like you! With our unique twist on bathroom remodeling furniture, you’ll be sure to turn heads and increase sales when you display our one-of-a-kind, color coordinating surfaces. You can find our hand-crafted high-end composites throughout the US and Canada, made to order each time to exacting specifications.

Better yet, let us pull you out of a jam right now! Contact our dependable customer service team and ask to trial a shower base at 50% off your first time order and we’ll rush you your custom base, ASAP!


Cooler Colors

We build with different and exciting color patterns you won’t find from Corian, Hi-macs, Staron, etc. While those are great products, New Age Surfaces builds with a rare glossy look and bigger exotic particles sizes with more translucent and reflective particles. We still carry a base of the top 20 colors in the industry retained so you have everything you need under our one roof.

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Find Custom Items Fast

Using KBDI magazine, you can quickly find that custom bowl or even drain fixture. Fancy stone, copper, porcelain and glass bowls… they’re all here.

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Total coordination

Total Bathroom Coordination

Many companies offer bathroom accessories, but actually having a customer feel inspired enought to buy them is another matter. As a result, your customer might restrict themselves to just the “important stuff” like a vanity top or shower enclosure. To help overcome this, we’ve bundled coordinating accessories and edge treatment options in such a way that they can be chosen in mere minutes without hesitation or feeling like the remodel is getting too complicated. This is much friendlier than having to go through thick product binders or hordes of edge treatment options in isolation, which is the industry norm.

Easy to understand

Easy to Understand

Changing suppliers is often means the hassle of new marketing materials and special training. Not so, with New Age Surfaces. The video shown on this page serves as an excellent replacement for any sales presentation, and the product tabs below work much better than trifold brochures. Each section comes with simple installation instructions, and most of the products don’t require any special install anyhow. For in-home sales, all you’ll need is a tablet to show your prospects and a small kit of samples we provide. For in-showroom sales, we’ll work with you to build what you want at 50% off.

People that care

People that care

Our people know your name and order history personally. Every day businesses across the country call us to rush something they desperately need to bail them out. Our service team intimately understands the fabrication process and has the authority to make special accommodations to get you what you need when you need it. Call us today and see if we can meet your time critical job!

10 year

10 Year Warranty

We’ve finished thousands of bathroom jobs all over the country with a very low rate of failure. If our product fails within 10 years of the install, send us a picture and we’ll either provide you a new item or refund the cost.

Fast moving

Fast Lead Times

Stock items ship same day, custom items 2 weeks or less.

50% off

Trial any item 50% off

Give any item you want a test drive at a full 50% off!



Vanity Tops

The New Age Surfaces vanity top features a unique look that is instantly visible to your potential clients and walk-ins, differentiating your sales ability from your nearby competitor.

The Finish Is Superior

The solid surface market has been diluted to flat colors with a matte finish in hopes that the final product will be somewhat scratch resistant. We’re different because we believe a vanity cannot look it’s best without a rich penetrating look that demands a glossier finish. So we’ve developed a signature gloss finish on our vanities and all matching bathroom parts that has the best of both scratch resistance and shine.

This is the sort of finish that will make customers stand up and take notice of the quality you’ve built your business on.

This finish is not a custom upcharge, it’s the norm. When you see our finish next to other manufacturers, you’ll immediately recognize the difference.

Remember: The vanity top colors and their unique finish are available in many other matching bathroom furnitures.

The Colors Are Richer

Yes, we carry older colors that famously sell well and put our industry on the map. More though, we’ve made it our business to carry colors that are exciting and show your customers that you’re keeping up with modern trends.

Vanity Top Facts

  • It’s easy to maintain. Non-porous, no specialty cleaners or chemicals necessary.
  • The bowls are seamless. Our bowls have no lip around the edge to trap grime or debris, very easy to clean. Yes, custom bowls in ceramic and glass can be mounted on our solid surface decks. We’ll supply you with over a hundred kinds.
  • Hand made to order. Any size and shape can be made.
  • Unique look and style. Avoid the “Holiday-Inn-Look” of typical cultured marble and the same old granite colors you see at every store.

All Shower Bases Are NOT Created Equal.

The modern and original design of this shower base will give your remodels a flawless "crisp-clean" look.
Its many benefits will become central to the quality of your finished jobs, and will help you build the security
and reputation your business deserves.
"I love your shower bases."
Jeff Kincaid, Luxury Bath & BCI Installer & Trainer
Aside from the beauty of the shower base, here are 3 tangible and marketable advantages that you can put to use in your remodels now.
Your customers can easily keep this base looking literally out-of-the-box-brand-new for ages, even if challenged by some of the most disgusting and neglectful conditions with horrendous staining!
Scroll down for amazing before/after photos!
Stop jobsite surprises with on-site customization. We get regular calls from fearful remodelers around the country with a torn up bathroom and a shower floor they can't use – and one fuming mad homeowner. We respond by rush shipping this custom shower base with some of the best turn times in the industry, perfect for emergency situations. These are fully custom bases, practically any size - any drain. Designed to be versatile, you can actually cut this shower base on-the-fly, reassemble in breeze (no leaks, UPC approved), and stop a nightmare job before it starts!
Appeal to the industry's fastest growing and most profitable market - baby boomers. The most important feature of your shower remodels isn't lead time, beauty, or even price... it's safety. The slip resistance of this shower base is unequivocally superior to acrylic or tile alternatives, and almost all other options as well. You're not going to find a more slip resistant base than this, and the yet the feel of the material against your feet is immediately recognized as a quality, uncompromising surface.

Thousands have been sold nationwide - These bases are fit for even the finest luxury homes!
STOP jobsite headaches before they happen

Freely cut this shower base on demand, then plug it right into the jobsite leak free every time. Scroll to the bottom and view our 3D install video - anyone can do this - the versatility of this install is truly remarkable.

And yes, you will meet IAPMO Universal Plumbing Code! It's the only UPC approved base in the US and Canada approved for on-the-jobsite customization, no leaks.

That means almost no matter what the jobsite throws at you, so long as you're armed with everyday tools, you can cut and secure your shower base with tried and true solid surface bonding techniques in minutes - problem solved. These floors are custom made to almost any size or shape, with the drain practically anywhere you want!
Click To Enlarge And Compare
Embolden the look of your shower walls, by taking them right to the floor, for a crisp-clean feel you just won't get with that common "plastic tray" look at all the home centers.

Your shower base installs can look "like new"... permanently.

Internet forums are filled with frustrated homeowners seeking advice on how to clean their hideous shower floors, some even revealing photos of their irrepairable bases. Don't let your good name and reputation be found tied to these cries for help!

Stories of filth beyond repair can be "other people's problems" - while your customers get a flawless clean with ease. The renewability of a New Age Surfaces shower base can solidify your company's longevity claims or warranty policy. While there's no such thing as a shower floor that's completely indestructible, we've seen unbelievably stained showers resurrected to their out-of-the-box-new finish in minutes using techniques any homeowner can perform without ever bothering you with a single call or question!

This floor was outrageously stained with ketchup, mustard, and ground-in soil then left to dry overnight. In a few minutes it was cleaned it to this condition! A durable beautiful single-page Care Guide is included for each of your customers to keep, and will show them how to get bulletproof results like this, should heaven forbid they need it. Your customers should never nickle-and-dime your valuable time with simple questions about cleaning or care again!"
This shower base won´t let you down in the field like so many others...
What an embarassment. So many shower bases lack the ability to clean easily, and if you haven't thoroughly addressed this in your own remodels, you could be leaving potential repeat customers with buyer's remorse. And while we all love beautiful tile done right, grout can be a real pain. The New Age Surfaces shower base cleans reliably and is one of the surest ways to combat homeowner neglect.

Confidently tell your aging customers "You´re not going to find a more slip resistant shower floor than this"

Many of your prospects, especially in the aging market, already believe the most important feature of a shower floor is safety, where slips and falls while bathing are distressingly common.

Our super heavy duty grade material, even in the soapiest, slipperiest conditions, can keep your customers surefooted, providing traction they just won't get with almost any other shower floor, all with a comfortable and simple to clean surface texture.

Click to enlarge and compare!
What´s this stuff made of anyhow?
You haven´t used anything like it before...
The invisible water dams are a hearty 1/4" thick ABS, they're a snap to cut-and-drop-in at the jobsite, and seemingly impossible to fail in the field. We've never yet heard of a break or crack or damage-caused water breach in these dams over 15 years of nationwide service.
The threshold is a thick hand-crafted custom solid surface beam, with the exact same look and feel you'll find on expensive seamless Corian© countertops.
When you drive off from the jobsite we want you to shake the customers hand and look them in the eyes, both parties confident you did a world-class job that is safe, clean, beautiful, and will last for ages.

Call up our service team, who will help you specify exactly what you need to succeed on your next shower install. They'll address any remaining curiosities you may have, can put samples in your hands, and set you on the right path in minutes.

Click on an image below to see
the sleek look of a finished shower
in High Resolution!

Intensify the look of any kind of wall system. Shown here with solid surface walls that go right from ceiling to floor for an uninterrupted pattern that will never leak. Please click the images to see closeups.

No Management Hassles
Acclimate Your Entire Team Overnight.

Video walkthroughs and digital flyers will explain every feature of this base in minutes to each member of your organization from sales people, measure techs, installers... everyone. After thoroughly reading this page and viewing the spotlights below, everyone will be on the same page. Any time you want a brief refresher on any aspect of this shower base - it's all here - on one neat consolidated page.

Show Your Prospects Brochures & Samples

This simple and convincing flyer will differentiate our shower floor from the other options and will set you up for an easy sale. Paper copies are available at no cost, just call and ask! Our team will also set you up with a small hand-held physical sample for your future customers to feel and be persuaded.

3D Installation Video

Adding this base to your offering is not a big undertaking - there's no special education required. Familiarize your installers with this simple installation process using our short 3D video walkthrough.

Order Form & Video Walkthrough

You'll be done ordering in a snap with forms this straightforward. There's even a little video walkthrough to assure you of what you're doing. In minutes it can uniformly teach your entire team how to request any style of shower, thresholds, ramps, even zero-entry or "barrier-free" custom work.

Shower Floor Care Guide

A single page water resistant care guide is included with each job so your customer remembers the quality of your jobs, can present it to friends, and understands the easiest cleaning methods that take advantage of the renewability described above. You should not be hassled with time consuming calls for cleaning questions by previous customers.

10-Year Product Guarantee

With every product we manufacture, you get the New Age Surfaces 10-year Guarantee – your assurance that the product will not fail or we will make a new product at no cost.

30-Year Factory-Seam Warranty

Most surfaces fail first at the seam - where two separate pieces of material are fabricated together. The seams we make at New Age Surfaces are so secure and thoroughly supported, that if they should crack or split within 30 years of manufacture, we’ll make a new product at no cost.

90-Day Sell-Through Guarantee

Purchasing material for a display shouldn't be risky - if 50% off cost wasn't enough, if you're not happy with your stores showroom display item after you recieve it, you have 90 days to send it back and recieve a full refund.

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Seats & Benches

One of the most useful, easy to sell, satisfaction-generating accessories in the wet area is a comfortable place to sit. New Age Surfaces Seat and Bench options are durable, attractive, and easy to install without complaints or headaches.

The Options Are More Stylish

When compared to the thick plastic corner seats you commonly see, our take on this item is cleaner looking, sleek, and inviting. This is key because many seats of this style make the entire shower look as though it were intended for people with disabilities. Our version is modern, and does not detract from the beauty of the total install.

You Get More Leg Room

When compared to a build-out bench seat with studs running from floor to seat, which cost precious leg room inside an already confined space, our seats give you an open space underneath which allows for more comfortable and various seating positions. A more spacious looking shower!

It Installs Easier Than A Build-Out

Compared to having to build out a bench the old fashioned way, this is much faster. It will save you headaches and labor on this task.

Seat & Bench Facts

  • Available in incredible colors. Even though whites and beiges are common, this custom made product can match any rich vanity top color or other product we build for you.
  • Stylish, non-institutional look. Unlike that which is commonly seen for this class of product.
  • Extremely durable. Enhanced by stainless steel brackets (well-hidden under-mount), a full inch thick solid surface slab, and weight tested. Field tested for long lifespan.
  • Very friendly installation. Saves time on installation compared to build-out projects.
  • Smooth and comfortable feel.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


Custom Fabrication

A Creative Salesperson Uses Accenting Items

Our custom pieces and trimwork offer a creative way to step outside the box in your remodeling project. Shower wall, baseboard, inside corners, wainscoting, window sills, and any custom pieces you can conceive to finish the job! Whether you need a custom style to impress, or something simple in just plain white, we can make what you need.

A Good Installer Makes Use Of Trim & Strips

Many finished jobs still have their weaknesses, especially around edges, corners, and seams. Installers intuitively spot these areas and often think something like, “If I just had a 2″ piece to cover this area here and maybe that corner there to make it all look smooth… ” etc.

We have such various trim pieces to cover unsightly corners, and you can request a piece made in certain dimensions, angles, thickness, etc. They are usually made fast and can be in your hands on the job shortly.

Custom Job Facts

  • Stock trim, windowsills, and pieces in many styles are available for easy ordering.
  • These items can usually be done in short notice, making sure you have all the pieces for your install.
  • Simply tell us the dimensions needed, and where you would like the edge finished.
  • We work with templates for custom shapes to create items not normally attainable.

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You’ll use industry-sensitive colors to customize Vanity tops, Shower Bases, Wall Systems and matching accessories, and never have to look at sandy solid surface with a matte finish the same way again.

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